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Using the Microsoft Hololens, users can transform their personal environments into a thrilling experience with Holoween.

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Holoween is a mixed reality experience where users can transform their personal environment into a haunted, thrilling experience using the Microsoft Hololens.

Narration, in form of the voices of the dead, guides each user through the experience, forcing them to persist through and discover the truth surrounding the spirits of Halloween. As the boundaries between the realms of the living and the dead disintegrate, users are tasked with helping the spirits find closure while dark forces attempt to keep them at bay.

With creepy visuals, haunting sounds and unexpected objects apperaring as users navigate through the experience, Holoween provides just enough to get the users' adrenaline pumping. Are you ready to begin the experience?

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User research impacted the brainstorming, design, and development of Hololens.

Key points from our research we used to design the experience:

Visual & Sounds

Our research respondents said sounds immerse them the most in their games. Our focus in Holoween is engaging the audience with sound and limited visuals. Given that this experience is presented in AR, we found having less makes it a bit more terrifying as you can not predict what's going to happen next.

Unique Stories

We found our users crave unique stories, which has greatly impacted our gameplay and narrative structure. Holoween is designed with an original story that's bound to keep you intrigued.


Our research respondents said they typically spend less than an hour playing games (on multiple platforms). Given these demographics we created Holoween so it doesn’t take too much time, but sill provides the thrills and chills of a true horror experience.


A look into the outlined plans, steps and designs taken in the making of Holoween.


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Meet the five creative minds who bring you Holoween.

Jacky Fong


Lauren Diaz


Nikki Sarmer

Team Lead

Rebecca Nauth

Senior Content Creator

Zach Duren

Story Writer

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